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Sad Brown Bear for Palestine III, 2023

Sad Brown Bear for Palestine III, 2023

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We are offering four unique Sad Brown Bear artworks, the full proceeds of which will go to two causes in Palestine. Half of the money will be sent to Palestinian Journalists Syndicate, an organization providing safety kits for journalists in Gaza. The other half will be sent to Hadeel Assali who is organizing a grassroots campaign to distribute money directly to people on the ground in Gaza.

Curators Laura Serejo Genes & Kiyoto Koseki write "With beady eyes and floppy ears, the deformed animals exhibit a strange and babyish vulnerability, connecting to CFGNY's ongoing interest in cuteness as an aesthetic quality associated with Asian cultural exports. Where cuteness is often deployed as a disarming tactic serving to soften host-parasite dynamics (consider cartoon "ambassadors" and brand mascots), CFGNY distort this function hinting at repressed powers."

Artworks in this series have been featured at Abrons Art Center, New York and will be included in forthcoming exhibitions at Somerset House, London and Hammer Museum, Los Angeles.

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